What Are the Differences Between Spraying, Rolling, and Brushing on Paint?

What Are the Differences Between Spraying, Rolling, and Brushing on Paint?

October 7th, 2022
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Home painting projects can be overwhelming. There are so many tools you’ll need on hand. If you live in the Lower Mainland and have a home painting project in mind, consulting house painters in Vancouver is a great place to start! Each type of project requires a different approach. Here is what you need to know.

Is Spraying the Smoothest?

If your project is a larger surface area, perhaps a wall or ceiling, or even new construction in the Vancouver area, spraying may be a good place to start. Working with house painters in Vancouver can ensure that the proper tools and techniques are used to complete your painting project professionally. Spraying with a spray gun is a faster and simpler method of painting large surface areas. Painters will often use a spray gun for the initial coats of primer. While spraying does give you the smoothest finish possible, it is not the best method for your final coat. After the primer is sprayed on and you are ready to apply your desired colour, it’s best to switch to a roller. The reason being spraying produces such a smooth finish, any touch-ups in the future done by a roller or brush would not match the finish and would stand out.

Is Rolling the Right Choice?

Rolling will give you a smooth finish and allow for well-blended future touch-ups done with the same kind of roller. Rolling is great for areas like walls and ceilings. With the right tools like extendable poles, house painters in Vancouver can paint hard-to-reach areas saving you from balancing on a ladder attempting to reach your ceiling with a handheld roller. Rolling also gives a more even paint distribution than brushing. This makes rolling more economical as you get more coverage from your paint than with brushing. While rolling may seem easy, it can be a boon to use professional painters who have the knowledge to choose the right type of roller for your project. If you want an orange peel finish, then a roller with thick material would be best. If you use a thin material roller, you will get a smoother finish, but you will also need to apply more coats. Using professional painters will also help you avoid issues like paint lines if you don’t backroll properly.

When is Brushing Best?

While most residential painting projects will most often utilize spraying and rolling techniques, there are some instances when a classic paint brush is best. A painter will often use a brush to cut-in walls, ceilings, and doorways. Cutting-in is the process of painting the edges of an area with a paintbrush to ensure that paint reaches into the seam or corner. It is advisable to roll over these cuts as soon as possible, though, to avoid brush strokes standing out against your otherwise smooth rolled finish. The traditional paintbrush still has many uses for home projects like furniture refurbishment, painting door frames, chalk painting, antiquing, and any other projects where the aesthetics of brush strokes and a more hand-crafted finish is more desirable.

Whether you’re building a new home in the Vancouver area or refreshing an older one, painting is a great way to make your space your own and bring in colours and styles that make you feel at home. With so many techniques and tools to choose from, talking with professional house painters in Vancouver is the best way to make sure your project gets off on the right foot and finishes with the right touches.

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