Tips on Choosing a Colour Scheme for Your Commercial Property (Hint it Doesn’t Have to be White!)

Tips on Choosing a Colour Scheme for Your Commercial Property (Hint it Doesn’t Have to be White!)

September 3rd, 2022
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Is your property screaming for a fresh coat of paint? To maintain its appearance, experts recommend giving commercial exteriors a new coat of paint approximately every five years. When was the last time you had commercial painting for your Vancouver property?

Why Paint Colour is Important

Regardless of your business type, first impressions matter and the colours you choose will impact perceptions, even if it’s only subconscious.

An entire interior design field is dedicated to colour theory and how colours can elicit an emotional response. For example, blues give businesses an air of reliability and stability, while greens can evoke a sense of happiness or optimism.

If your business already has a colour scheme used in its business and marketing materials, using that scheme can help increase your visibility and heighten brand loyalty. Who doesn’t recognize Ikea’s staple blue and yellow?

Choosing the Right Paint Scheme for the Exterior of Your Commercial Space

Building Use Matters

When choosing your paint scheme, pay careful attention to your commercial property’s user or intended occupant. If you manage a large business centre that caters to professional clients, consider opting for a more neutral professional palate that will appeal to a broader base. For example, financial centres may want to incorporate shades of blue to impart trustworthiness, while a daycare centre may lean more towards bright, energizing, and playful yellows.

If your building is a commercial warehouse, consider options other than the standard beiges and greys, which can leave employees feeling more than a little underwhelmed.

Understanding Your Environment

The type of building you manage and where it is located could factor heavily in your choice of exterior commercial paint colour around Vancouver. Modern offices in the city are visually distinct from historical buildings, and your paint choices need to reflect the character of the commercial property you’re painting.

Bold colours, like bright yellows, oranges, or greens, are typical of many modern buildings, whereas older buildings favour rich tones and neutrals like deep reds and browns.

Pay Attention to Colour Theory

When picking more than one colour for your commercial space, you might want to break out the old colour wheel. Colour theory tells us which colours work together by pairing complementary (opposite), adjacent (analogous), monochromatic, or other colour schemes. If you are unsure, a professional commercial painting provider or an interior designer can help walk you through options that will work for the exterior of your building.

Creating Purposeful Interior Spaces

Since colour can play a significant role in people’s moods and emotions, your interior paint is just as important as your exterior colour scheme. For a long time, places like offices and hospitals tended to favour whites and other neutrals; however, incorporating colour can help boost mood and employee productivity.

Since each colour has its effect on mood and behaviour, it’s essential to choose the one that best reflects your line of business or the type of businesses typically renting your space.

• Blue: shades of blue can help stimulate and focus the mind, even in the face of highly repetitive tasks.
• Green: calmness, self-confidence, and balance. Greens can be used in various spaces, from spas to financial firms.
• Yellow: is a creative colour; yellow can help brighten moods and lift spirits, evoking a sense of peace and happiness.
• Red: often used in industries where time is of the essence, reds create a sense of urgency while simultaneously increasing energy levels

Choosing the right colours for your commercial property can seem daunting, but commercial painting services in Vancouver are equipped with the skills and knowledge to help you make the right sections!

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