Thinking About Painting Your Kid’s Bedroom?

Thinking About Painting Your Kid’s Bedroom?

October 21st, 2022
About Painting Your Kid’s Bedroom

When you’re redecorating your home there are so many choices before you about how you want your home to feel and function. If you’re also decorating a child’s room, the things to think about might be different than with the rest of the house. Here are some ideas to consider and share with your professional painters in Vancouver when you’re ready to begin your next project!

The room can be as fun and unique as the kid living in it.

The great thing about spaces designed for children is how very fun and joyful they can be. Think polka dots, billowing clouds, swooping arches or thoughtful squares. There are so many colours to choose from. If you decide to include elements of nature like treetops, mountain ridges, or the edge of a rising sun, hiring painters in Vancouver can lend professionalism and local knowledge to the project that will ensure your vision comes to life as perfectly as you and your child picture it.

Standard latex paint is not your only option.

While latex paint is most common in interior decorating, there are other exciting options to add a special feature to your kid’s play space. Creating a chalkboard paint space allows your child to let their creativity flourish. Give them an area in their room to colour something new each day, so they don’t have to test out their designs on the rest of the walls in the house. Chalkboard paint is easy to clean with soap and water and can be painted over when your little Van Gogh is ready for a new look. Ask professional painters in Vancouver where the best space for a chalkboard wall feature would be and let your kid’s artistry fly free.

Choose calming colours for calm kids.

We live in a world of many colours, but not all colours are equal in their effect on our mood. If you want your child’s bedroom to be a calm space where they can relax, play, and most importantly get a good night’s sleep, consider a colour palette that lends itself to these moods. Soft pastels, particularly greens and blues, are widely held to have a tranquil effect on our minds and hearts. Bright colours can be lots of fun and are great as accents or even as a feature in the room, whereas softer colours are great choices for the larger spaces in the room providing a soothing backdrop for all the fun.

What are your child’s hobbies and interests?

Sometimes simply considering who your child is as a person, is a great way to start designing the room that they’ll be spending so much time in. Are they outdoorsy? Would they feel more at home in a room that reflects earthy colour scapes, so they can fall asleep dreaming of camping and climbing mountains? Or is your child a tech-savvy computer kid that would be most at home with hues of grey and blue? Whatever the interests, the ways to incorporate the colour palettes of those interests are endless.

Juggling kids is hard. Juggling kids and painting is even harder! If you’re thinking of painting, talk to painters in Vancouver about your vision and save yourself the stress and worry of keeping little fingerprints out of the masterpiece. We have the experience, tools, and knowledge to handle your project with professionalism. That way you can focus on your busy life, while we focus on giving you and your child a beautiful new space for the many adventures ahead.

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