Painting Projects To Upgrade Your Home

Painting Projects To Upgrade Your Home

July 27th, 2022
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We’ve all been there; after living in your home for several years, you begin to overlook lots of aesthetic details that you once admired. Over time, it will become easy to miss blemishes and unsightly mistakes. Your paint may start to fade, and you would not even notice it. Your appliances may get old and outdated; you would not bat an eye.

Luckily, your home does not have to feel dull forever! We have several projects that can drastically improve the look of your house. Spending time repainting these areas will refresh your home as if you just moved in!

Project 1: Interior Walls
Painting your walls is a fantastic way to feel like you are in a new space. Over time, the condition of your walls will begin to degrade. There may be nicks or scratches from moving things around or just simply with age. Painting them over can cover these blemishes, making them look brand new. Paint is available in countless colours and shades; this is an effective way to enhance the feel and purpose of any room in the house. By working with residential painters Vancouver offers, you can be confident in the quality of paint used in your home. Points with zero or low VOC can create a healthier indoor air quality while reducing the risk of harmful fumes or odours.

Project 2: Doors
Just like matching the right shoes with your outfit, the colour of your doors could make or break the design of your home. Repainting your front door will give your home an instant curb appeal and a freshness boost. By painting your interior walls, you can cover up wear and tear from the oil paint and even increase the value of your home. You most definitely would not want to overlook this one!

Project 3: Fireplace
If you have a fireplace, this is your sign of giving it a facelift. This is particularly impactful as a fireplace anchors any room, even if it doesn’t work. Whether you want to disguise it and make it less visually apparent or enhance its architectural allure, paint is the best way. This may be quite a lot of work, however, and might be an opportunity to pass this project to the plethora of residential painters Vancouver has. Nonetheless, a beautiful fireplace would be sure to receive compliments.

Project 4: Bathroom
This one may be the most hygienic of the bunch. The regular exposure to moisture, heavy use, dust, and harsher chemicals presents lots of destruction to your paint. Luckily this space is not too large and can be a simple project to take on for a weekend. Keep in mind that there are companies that provide a special bathroom paint with both mold-inhibiting agents and a better surface for resisting moisture. If you do not want to purchase the higher quality bathroom paint, it is recommended that you opt for a higher quality brand of paint as it results in fewer clumps and chips.

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