Improve Your Curb Appeal with Exterior Painters in Vancouver

Improve Your Curb Appeal with Exterior Painters in Vancouver

January 9th, 2023
Exterior Painters in Vancouver

Have you ever had to stop in your tracks during a neighborhood stroll or a late-night drive just to admire a beautiful home before you? You might not be able to put your finger on exactly why it caught your eye, but there is something about it that draws you in. This is what we call curb appeal- and it’s all about the exteriors!

Having a beautiful home is something that all of us strive for. We feel more comfortable and inspired when we can design our homes exactly the way we want to fit our personalities and lifestyle. Just like our indoor decor, exterior paint jobs bring our homes to life and make them more attractive. There are so many reasons to paint the exterior of a home, and not just for those old, worn-down houses- everyone can benefit from a fresh coat. Luckily, improving your curb appeal is easier than ever with professional exterior painters in Vancouver.

Why Paint the Exterior of a House?

Protect Your Home from the Elements

A fresh paint job doesn’t just look good, it also protects your house and resists damage from natural elements. The exterior of homes faces all kinds of wear and tear from environmental changes throughout the years- rain, snow, fire, you name it. Exterior paint acts as a defensive layer from insects, moisture, and mildew that can harm the structure and appearance of your home.

Boost Property Value

Homeowners know the importance of investing in the property value of a house. Maintaining curb appeal is one sure way to boost the value of your home. An exterior paint job is a simple and cost-effective approach to keeping up with appearances. More importantly, a professional paint job is a way to go when considering the resale value and evaluation assets of your home.

Make Your House Stand Out

Want your house to look bigger? Paint it! Choosing light colors for the exterior of your home can make your home appear larger (without adding any square footage). Just like indoor spaces, you can selectively choose exterior paint colors that reflect off of natural light and add volume to buildings. When determining how to choose the right exterior paint color for your home, opt for neutrals like white, ivory, or sage green. If the size isn’t a factor, get creative and choose colors that aren’t common on your block and that fit your style and aesthetic. Exterior paint colors are a great way to keep your home looking modern and fresh and on the pulse with the latest design trends.

Preserve The Structure of Your Home

Curb appeal is all about what meets the eye, but no one likes to look at a home that’s falling apart. Exterior paint can help to preserve the structure of your home, extending the life of your siding and trimming, and fixing any damages. With a fresh coat of paint done by a professional, peels, stains, and holes in the walls will no longer haunt you.

Looking for exterior painters in Vancouver? Since 1998, Celestial Painting has provided clients with exceptional painting services for commercial and residential homes of all kinds in the Vancouver area. Contact us today to find out more about improving the look and protection of your home with exterior painting services.

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