Four Reasons Why an Industrial Paint Job Requires Industrial Painters

Four Reasons Why an Industrial Paint Job Requires Industrial Painters

August 12th, 2022
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When asked about the differences between industrial and residential painting, most people draw a blank; after all, painting is just painting, right? Sure, the scale of the project might be different, but the tools, techniques, and know-how required to get the job done must be pretty similar. Or is it?

Whether it is a single-family bungalow or a multi-unit commercial building, a fresh coat of paint is often all it takes to breathe new life into a property; but the process and skills necessary to get the job done right vary dramatically.

How Industrial Painting is Different from Residential Painting

Residential painters are experts in their field. They can handle various residential painting jobs, including interiors, exteriors, decks, and even hanging wallpaper. The equipment they use might look a lot like the tools you have piled up in your garage: rollers, brushes, trays, and ladders.

Industrial painters are painting professionals experienced in managing large-scale projects. Not only will they be more familiar with commercial painting equipment like scaffolding, paint sprayers, and pressure washers, but they’ll also be better acquainted with the types of paints and coatings appropriate for industrial jobs, which are typically not the same as residential painting projects.

Four Key Differences Between Industrial and Residential Painters

To get a job done properly, you need to use the right tools, and in the case of industrial painting, you need industrial painters. Here are a few key differences between Vancouver residential and industrial painters.

1. Industrial Painters Apt at Managing Large Projects

Taking care of large-scale projects is much more complicated than just figuring out how much paint needs to be ordered. Large commercial projects need more painters on-site, require specialized equipment, and typically have strict deadlines.

There is also the issue of scheduling with minimal disruption to business operations and employee safety to consider. Prolong closures can be costly for businesses; industrial painters are adaptable, working when it’s most convenient for the customer, even if that includes evenings and weekends.

Industrial painters in Vancouver understand the complexities of working on these types of projects because they have experience managing them.

2. Insurance Coverage

All painting contractors must have insurance, regardless of the size of their business or the number of employees; however, the amount of coverage will vary. Industrial painting companies will hold sufficient insurance coverage to protect against property damages or injury on large-scale projects, something a smaller residential painting company may not.

3. Additional Services Offered

Few industrial painting jobs involve strictly painting walls. There’s surface preparation, commercial cleaning, and repairs. Even the types of surfaces industrial painters are familiar with can be different than those frequently treated by residential painters in Vancouver.

To accommodate commercial jobs, industrial painters offer a broader range of services than other painting professionals. This might include sandblasting, waterproofing, joint sealing, line striping, and roof coatings, to name a few.

4. Paint Quality and Finish

Because so much more surface needs to be covered in a commercial or industrial property, paint quality is paramount. While applying an extra coat of paint on a residential project may not be a huge deal, these delays can be extremely time-consuming and costly on larger jobs.

Industrial buildings can also have different paint finish needs or require a specialty coating, like epoxy or anti-graffiti coating.

Whether you need commercial, industrial, or residential painting, it always pays to go with a professional who has experience with similar projects. Celestial Painting has been providing high-quality painting services to residential and industrial customers for years; no matter the project size, we have the skills, equipment, and experience to get the job done right.

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