Five Reasons Professional Painting Contractors Are Worth the Investment

Five Reasons Professional Painting Contractors Are Worth the Investment

November 14th, 2022
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Are you gearing up to take on a DIY home painting project? You might want to read this blog first. Commercials and clever marketing make the DIY painting seem like a simple, almost romantic endeavour, complete with warm smiles and a dog that is miraculously not stepping into paint trays or getting its fur caught in fresh paint.

In reality, DIY painting is tedious and exhausting and rarely comes out quite the way you expected. And contrary to what some commercial paint retailers might try to pass off, painting is not a simple weekend chore – at least it’s not if you care about the quality of the finish.

Great Painting is a Lot of Prep

Something professional painting contractors in Vancouver know that many consumers don’t is that one of the most important elements of obtaining a perfect paint finish has nothing to do with painting – it’s all about preparation.

Wall preparation is a major distinguishing factor between professional and amateur paint jobs. Before any paint is applied, walls need to be thoroughly cleaned, and dents, cracks, and holes need to be patched. In some cases, like when covering glossy paint, your walls will also need to be sanded to ensure proper paint adhesion.

Trade Paint is Better Quality Than Commercial Paint

Another painting contractor secret: use better paint. Trade paint is much higher quality than the paint you pick up at your local hardware store. What’s more, painting contractors know what type and finish of paint to buy for any given job (no, they are not all the same).

Many commercial paints are designed to go on quickly and dry fast. The problem is paint and primer were not intended to be a single product, and paint that starts to dry before you’ve even finished the first coat makes fixing mistakes extremely difficult. There’s a reason the pros handle those jobs separately and choose a paint that takes longer to dry; it takes time and patience to obtain a smooth, evenly covered, thorough finish.

Professional Painting Contractors Use Professional Tools

A great painter can only be as good as the tools they are using, and professional painting contractors know that quality matters. If you are gearing up to paint a couple of rooms, it’s unlikely that you will want to invest in professional quality paint brushes, rollers, and accessories. Because painting contractors paint all the time; they are invested in their craft and have likewise invested in the tools they need to produce a high-quality finish for their clients.

Proper Painting Technique is a Talent

As pretty much anyone who has ever tried to cut an edge between a dark colour and light colour paint can tell you, painting is a skill that takes years of practice and experience to perfect. And this experience usually comes at a cost. Yes, you can probably find high school students to help with a summer painting project, but the odds are they aren’t going to be as experienced as professional painting contractors. When finish matters, choose a painting contractor with a solid reputation for delivering exceptional results.

Add Value to Your Property

Want to get a better return on your investment? Use professional painting contractors for your home. Buyers in the pricey Vancouver market expect quality and being able to advertise your home as being professionally painted will appeal to decerning clients and could increase the value of your property.

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