5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing A Paint Colour

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing A Paint Colour

December 8th, 2022
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Whether it’s for your home or commercial space, choosing paint colours is an overwhelming task. There are numerous shades, tints, and hues available and choosing the right one according to your needs takes some homework and research. On another note, having the freedom and flexibility to choose from an array of colours makes it a thrilling experience.

A professional paint job is left best to professional painters. Hiring a professional house painting service in Vancouver can help you save money even if you have decided on the colours. Our team here at AJP Building Maintenance Limited team delivers premium quality painting services in minimal time. Let’s walk you through 5 common mistakes to avoid while cherry-picking paint colours.

1. Matching the Colour with the Decor

Plan the area first and then choose the paint to go with everything else – whether it’s an armchair or accent pillows, you can get colour inspiration from anything. That’s typically one of the best ways to select an eye-soothing colour combination for a room. Although it’s nice to get ideas from your favourite antique, avoid matching the hue of your room walls with them. Instead, choose a pale hue shade to make your accent piece stand out.

2. Choosing All Neutral or Bright Colour

Picking a neutral or bright colour for a room is not a good decision. If you’ve chosen a robust and vibrant wall, let the remainder be draped in light and more neutral hues to balance it.
Similarly, adding accents and contrasting colours to your space makes sense if you’ve picked a more subdued colour for one of the walls.

3. Underestimating The Paint Finishes

Flat and water-based matte paints are easily removed if touched excessively. Therefore, they are appropriate for ceilings and walls far from our reach.

For high-traffic areas such as hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, use a satin finish. At the same time, you must also understand that overlooking the features of each paint finish can be harmful. Hence, choose the finish that depicts the effect you wish to have in your commercial and residential space.

4. Not Testing Colours

There are possibilities that the colours you choose at the store won’t look good when painted out. To avoid last-minute doubts, consult a house painting service in Vancouver and discuss with them about the colours in mind and take your time to understand different colour combinations, and test colours at home first.

5. Ignoring Trends

When you notice a paint colour trend, it’s time to go with it. For instance, if you see bright colours are not in trend, try to choose alternatives. Sticking with the trend makes your newly-painted home more eye-catching and luxurious to viewers. After all, you want them to stare at your beautiful home.

Are you looking for the best house painting service in Vancouver for your house? Our team at AJP Building Maintenance Limited is an experienced painting service provider. If you need the finest painting services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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